Time is Short

February 05, 2017 Lindsey Labrum

As I sit here with what I consider the VERY best tuna fish sandwich that I’ve ever made, it brought up the most fond of memories.
You see, in October last year I stood on a platform at my Grandmother’s celebration of life funeral and I talked about a lot of things, but among them was how I will always remember that no matter how hard I’ve tried in all of my adult years to make a tuna fish sandwich the exact way that my Grandma made it, that I probably won’t ever have success because Grandma just made the best everything.
Switching gears on you here... Last night as the hubby was falling asleep and asking me to come cuddle, I had to do my last minute nightly things; turn off the kids’ fan, check the house temp control, and fill up my water bottle to set next to my bed. To my surprise I noticed that our front door was entirely UNLOCKED, I opened it and our security gate was also unlocked and was partially opened...
I brisk walked back into our bedroom and said “honey did you take the garbage out or anything since we’ve been home, have you gone out the front door?” ...explaining it was unlocked and the security gate also unlocked and opened, he responded for me to “check the kids.” I ran back and checked on the boys, good there. I went in to check on our little girl and she was gone, just a blanket on her bed.
“Tyler!” I shouted for him in a panic --- I looked over and there she was lying in a chair that sits in her corner in a tucked away part of her room (unlike she has ever done before). In this sentence, those three dashes are about the time my heart hit my throat and my stomach hit its pit. In this sentence just after those three dashes are about the time I realized that I am the luckiest mom on the face of the planet!!
In a flash, I was given a moment to glimpse REAL FEAR... and in a moment I was able to glimpse REAL LOVE. It was incredibly shaking!
Flash forward to today, this moment as I just finished a sandwich that was a God given reminder... LIFE IS SHORT folks, we live each day like we have the rest of our lives. Yet it can come and go in an instant. I was sitting at my Grandma’s breakfast bar eating the world’s best ever tuna fish sandwich --- like it was yesterday.
Get a glimpse on these things: What is your lack of depth in your relationships, glimpse your lack of peace, your lack of freedom, your lack of joy, your lack of hope. Seeing for an instant something gone, peering at the darkness, it's then the light seems so much brighter. Seriously, as I ran up to my baby girl's bed and she was gone, when my heart sank, I couldn’t think of life without her... and yet just behind my left shoulder she lay in the chair and I had my entire world back in an instant.
TODAY, your world is right in front of you. Even if you had less than seven dollars in your account until payday... you still have a hope, you have trust, you have a Faithful God that sees you and He cares for you. We often times don’t see what we aren’t looking for. Hope, Peace, Love, and Jesus. Right out front, where they’ve always been even when we didn't look for them. Life is Short. My Grandmother isn’t here for me to hug and visit with, but I tell you I didn’t take for granted one moment with her and the same will be said for my moments out in front of me right now.
I intend to make today count, because time could be gone in an instant.