Relationally Deep

September 18, 2016 Lindsey Labrum

Relationships are one of the most challenging aspects of our everyday. From our relationship with God, to relationship with those we love, relationships within the churches and body of Christ, and relationship to our culture.


Two years ago, God absolutely wrecked me in the best possible way, Because something that frankly should have shattered a persons faith, left me standing with my palms up – and nothing left but Jesus. I do believe that for these life lessons, God allows hard things in our life to happen because it draws us into oneness - gripping onto the Father.


There are churches all over the world with different point of views in theology, and many of them as different as they may be have sang in worship to Hillsong’s title “Oceans.” When in worship, it is a time between you and the Father. Have you ever thought about the depth of worship, singing praise to God “Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith would be made stronger, in the presence of my Savior”?


This request made known to God is heavy. God will be the One to take us deeper in our relationship to Him, deeper than our feet could ever get there on our own. Often times religion likes for us to think that it is by our good works and the good things we do or how well we have known and studied the Bible that we are determined to be deep in our faith.


The thought I’d like to challenge you with is what is faith made up from? Is it from how much of the Bible you know, is it from how much good you have done, or quite simply, is it like a child out in the deep waters clinging onto Abba Father “Daddy,” and just never ever wants to let go?


Strong faith is what Christianity is all about. We want to portray to the world that our reliance is on Jesus Christ alone. Knowing our Bible is like knowing the Father, He speaks to us through His breath of scripture. Good works are an action of our outward expression of love, “I love you God and I want to show the world my love for you by loving others well.” Faith is childlike, and where I cannot go on my own I do trust that You can carry me there. You are faithful oh God, and I trust you. May my request be made known unto You, “Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander.”

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Father I pray, when I can no longer touch the ocean floor, will you carry me Lord? Will you help lift me, and keep my head above water and my eyes right on You? God I trust you today, and I will trust you tomorrow through any storm. Help me to be rooted, clinging onto you and knowing your Word. Help me to desire this kind of walk with You, a hope, great joy, and peace only found in You God.

In Jesus Christ name, Amen.