How to Pray Effectively and Keep Your Prayer Life Alive

October 02, 2017 Jzittingcpt Collaborator

Revitalizing Prayer

How to Pray Effectively and Keep Your Prayer Life Alive 

Whether you are new to faith or an every day prayer warrior there are many tools that we can all use from help us go deeper in our prayer.  Talking to our Father can be a simple chat or even a more formal affair.   You can talk out loud while on a long drive or even walking to the store.   There are no scripts and no dress codes with God.    Here are 5 simple tips that can help you add to your daily prayer routine.

Add Depth and Energy and Improve Your Daily Prayer Routine

Corner Stone Prayer of Gratitude

God wants you to communicate with Him for nothing is too small or great for him. God wants to hear what is on your heart and mind.  That said, It is easy to fall into the habit of saying a prayer as though it were a checklist.    When we start with our blessings, it reinforces our appreciation of his love and reminds us of the abundance for which we should be grateful.  Simply taking small moments to recall your blessing and simply be GRATEFUL can completely reset your day.    Giving Thanks for things big and small brings you into communion with the Father in the present moment.   It can make even the most difficult situation seem small because HE is so great!  Gratitude is a great way to set the tone of your day and to keep the love God close to you.

Begin with Thank you Father for _________

Do this daily, even for just a few seconds, and you’ll find that there is so much to be thankful for.  

Change your Prayer Patterns

Are you the pray in silence type or do you pray out loud?   

Do you prefer to sing songs of praise or maybe you choose to journal?

Have you tried to expand on what you typically do?

Changing your prayer pattern throughout the day can allow for an even fuller expression of your love. 

Purchase a great spiral journals and notebooks to write down your dreams, thoughts, prayers, and favorite scriptures.   Or maybe you prefer to type.   Maybe, if you typically pray in silence, try adding some gospel music in the background while you pray. 

God wants a relationship with you and is not concerned about “How” you pray…He just wants to hear from you.

Need a daily journal for writing?  Journals help remind us to take the moments necessary to record our gratitude.

On great thing about journaling is having the ability to go back and reflect on the patterns God’s blessings.


The Living Word!

Choose a Prayer Focus.  Take a passage, or even just a verse to put focus into.  Every book in the bible can be your guide to tackle some of life most difficult situations.  If you are in a crisis, open up the Book Of Job.   Are you looking for peace?  Turn to Psalms.   Are there individuals in your life or are you yourself are dealing with health issues?   Spend a week or a month focusing on scriptures about healing when you are in prayer.  

Allow God to “drop you in” to the “right scripture” and listen to what HE has to say.  Trust where He takes you. Then at take Him at His Word.

You do not have to be an expert or a bible scholar to have the Living Word of God as part of your life.  You can even use Google as a tool to find scripture about certain topics.   There are so many amazing online resources.

Join a Prayer Circle or Find a Prayer Partner

Gather in groups and explore Prayer Partnerships with others. God is there with you.  Also, when you come together with others to pray for a common purpose, there is a sense of comfort and clarity as you are all receiving the Word Of God.  There are many online prayer circle or local church groups that you can join.

“…For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them”.  - Matthew 18:20

This also will allow you to focus on more then your own existence and this will open opportunity for you to serve others.   You will also have a sense of community and the ability to lean on others when in need.

Be Specific * Be Authentic * Be Diligent

Be specific when asking for help.  Be Authentic with God and open yourself up to Him.  Be diligent and don’t give up.  God is already giving answers and in God’s heart the direction is clear.  Be open to receive his Word.  Be Prepared to Listen.   There are hurting people that we run into daily and God can give you the Time and Talent to help others.  Ask the lord to be a light on your journey.   You can put your focus on specific causes that not only involve yourself and your immediate concerns, but also speak to the larger questions of life. God will answer   

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